Investing In A New Restaurant? What You Should Know About Replacing The Ice Machine

If you've just invested in your first restaurant, you need to evaluate the condition of the kitchen and appliances carefully. One of the appliances that you should be particularly attentive to is the ice machine. After all, it sees some of the heaviest demand during even routine service, which can cause a lot of wear and tear. You shouldn't overlook the ice machine's condition, because a malfunctioning ice machine could leave you with insufficient ice in the middle of service.

Moving Into Your First Off-Campus House: What You Need To Know

When you make the decision to move out of the dorms and into a rental house off-campus, you may think that you have everything figured out and under control. The freedom you anticipate without resident advisers and campus authorities monitoring your actions may overwhelm you and make you forget some important steps you will need to take to ensure that your transition from the dorms to your new off-campus house goes smoothly and successfully.

Ammonia Commercial Refrigeration – Leak Risks And Detection

Some commercial refrigeration units use ammonia to maintain the cool temperatures. Although effective, the ammonia can put those who work in the general vicinity at risk of ammonia exposure. So, what are the risks associated with ammonia exposure, how do you detect ammonia leaks, and what do you do when you are exposed? Below, you will find the answers to all three of these questions. What are the risks associated with ammonia exposure?

How Alarms And Surveillance Impact Your Security

Home security is something on the mind of every homeowner, even more so for those with families they want to protect. In an effort to preserve that security, many people turn to alarms and surveillance systems in order to monitor their home. However, it's important to understand just what impact these systems have on your actual security so that you can effectively implement them and gain the most possible benefit.

How To Use Appliances Safely

Appliances in your home make everything more convenient, but they can also be a safety risk. Since most appliances use electricity or gas, these are the basic sources of the dangers. Here are some easy tips to follow to use appliances safely. Upgrade to New Appliances While you don't always need the newest model of appliances, you should definitely upgrade when your current appliances start giving you frequent problems. If you have called the appliance repairman multiple times over the last few months, it is probably time to recycle your appliance and get a new one.

Choosing The Best Vacuum For Allergy Relief

While most allergy sufferers are quick to protect themselves from contaminants in the great outdoors, many neglect to safeguard their own homes.  Countless pollutants such as dust mites, dead skin cells and pet dander can get trapped in carpeting and upholstery, reducing the air quality of the home.  This is not a big concern for the average person, but for those who suffer from allergies, asthma or other severe respiratory disorders, it can negatively impact their health and well-being.