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Signs You Need A New Vacuum

You vacuum on a regular basis, and the unit is one of the most heavily-used and needed appliances in your home. Vacuums are essential to removing dust, allergens, hair, dust mites, and other things from your carpets, stairs, and other surfaces. When you vacuum on a regular basis, your air quality is even cleaner.

However, the vacuum you have may not be doing as great a job as it used to. Or, you may need a totally different vacuum based on the type of family unit you have — such as pets or family members with allergies. Do you need a new vacuum? Use this guide to assist you. You can use the helpfulness of a vacuum store specialist to help you select a new unit for your home.

Your vacuum needs regular cleaning

Are you constantly taking your vacuum apart to remove hair clogs or other debris? Does the vacuum brush fail to do its job because it has string, hair, and other things stuck in it? Is the vacuum canister so full of dust and caked-on gunk that you don't even know when the canister is full?

Your vacuum gets overwhelmed when you try to vacuum up ashes, liquids, and other things. If your vacuum requires almost daily cleaning just to make the unit do its job, then it's time to upgrade. Your store specialist will show you how to effectively use your new vacuum, so your appliance lasts a long time and works well.

Your vacuum kicks up dust

If you smell a moldy or dusty odor in the air whenever you turn your vacuum on, it could be that your unit is putting as much debris into the air as it's removing. Try replacing the filters to your unit, or at least cleaning them out. If the odor continues or you constantly see debris and dust flying through the air when you turn your vacuum on, it's time to upgrade. Talk to your appliance store representative about a hypo-allergenic replacement vacuum. This type of vacuum will help filter the debris your vacuum takes in so your air is left even cleaner than ever.

Your vacuum leaves streaks

Your vacuum should not leave debris behind. If your vacuum is leaving streaks of dust, hair, and other matter, it's time to get a new appliance. Your vacuum may be clogged or just worn out; either way, a vacuum that isn't doing its job should be replaced.  

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