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When To Repair An Appliance And When To Replace An Appliance

You don't want to replace your home appliance if a simple repair would have taken care of the current problem and the appliance may then last you for many more years. However, you also don't want to pay to have a home appliance repaired if it is just going to continue nickel and diming you with repair expenses from this point forward. This guide is going to help you to know whether repairing or replacing is best at this point in time.

When to replace

When age is a factor: When it comes down to it, most of your home appliances will have been designed to last you between 10 and 15 years. This is also a good length of time to know that newer models are going to be more energy efficient and come with a lot of added features and options that your current 10 to 15 year old appliances won't offer. Therefore, if your appliance is older than 10 years and starting to give you problems, you may do best by simply replacing it.

When repairs are too costly: If you find out that the repair your home appliance needs is going to cost a lot, then you should consider replacing the unit. If you can spend just a little more money to purchase a new appliance, then this is the obvious way to go. This way, you can count on getting another 10 to 15 years out of the new appliance, you can expect to see lower monthly bills, and you won't have to worry about the unit needing one repair after another like you would have to be concerned about with your current one that's starting to act up.

When you are replacing its mate: If your appliance is part of a matching set and the other appliance is to the point where it just needs to be replaced, then you may want to replace its mate at the same time. The chances are the mate will start acting up soon as well. Plus, when you replace them both, you can replace them both with another set that matches.

When to repair

When the appliance has been very reliable: If your appliance has never given you trouble before and it isn't all that old, then you should consider just having it repaired, as long as the repair doesn't cost almost as much as a whole new appliance.

When the repair is very simple: If your appliance needs something done that is very simple, such as having the stripping, or a gasket replaced, then you should just have the repair done. The repair won't cost much at all. So, even if this is the start of the appliance giving out on you, you wouldn't have wasted much money on this initial repair to find that out.

When your appliance is still under warranty: If your appliance is still under warranty, then you want to have it repaired, since the cost will be covered by the warranty. The warranty is not going to allow you to get a new appliance unless something is seriously wrong with the unit and this means you would need to buy the appliance with your own money, when you could have had the current one fixed with them covering the repair.

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