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Refacing Vs. Replacing: Changing The Look Of Supermarket Cases

When you own and operate a grocery store, there is so much you need to do every day. It is easy to see, after years of being in business, how you can forget to keep up with store maintenance and appearances. Take a moment to walk through the front doors of your store.

What do you see? Look past the products and look at your refrigeration and display cases. Are they dented, old, or tired-looking? Do they look like throwbacks to the fifties? What can you do to update them? Well, you have two choices. One, replace them entirely, and two, just reface them. Here is what those options look like in terms of cost and appearances.

Replacing the Cases

The problem with replacing display or refrigeration cases is that you cannot just replace two or ten. You have to replace ALL of them to create a uniform store appearance. Have you checked the price on a refrigeration case recently? It may cost as much as a thousand dollars per refrigerated case, give or take a couple hundred. If you have thirty cases in your store, that lands you in the ballpark of about thirty-thousand dollars to replace all of your refrigerated display cases!

Refacing the Cases

Now, refacing your display and refrigeration cases is a much more affordable option. A company that provides this service comes in, strips off all of the old bumpers, case "skins," and chrome surfaces. Then it applies new powder-coated and colored "skins," and installs new bumpers and new chrome.

The result is a store that looks like it has been completely remodeled when the only things that have changed are your case facings. The cost for these supermarket case products is often one-third to one-half of what you would have spent replacing all of the old cases. Better still, the stuff stripped from your cases is recyclable, and you do not have to concern yourself with how to dispose of dozens of old cases.

Once You Are Ready to Renovate

Once you are ready to renovate your store, and you have made your choice between replacing and refacing, you can hire your contractors and contact your case suppliers. If you are buying resurfacing materials, the company may actually install these products for you. Then you do not have to hire a contractor. If you are replacing the cases, then you will have to hire a slew of contractors to get your new cases in and take out the old cases.

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