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4 Features To Look For On Your Next Washer & Dryer That Will Save You On Operating Costs

If you purchase the right washer and dryer set, they could last you for a good decade or two. There are a few features that you should look for when purchasing a washer and dryer that will help you save money on operating costs over the life of your washer and dryer.

Moisture Sensors

Moisture sensors are a must-have on your dryer. The moisture sensors read and determine how much moisture is left in your laundry throughout the drying process. The sensors provide this information to your dryer to that your dryer can adjust the temperature throughout the drying process.

Moisture sensors also ensure that when your close are dry, your dryer will stop. Your dryer will not run longer than necessary, reducing the energy it takes to dry your clothing. Less heat will also help your clothing last longer.

Large-Capacity Machines

If there are more than two individuals in your home, spring for a large-capacity machine. With a large-capacity machine, you will be able to wash large loads. Washing longer loads will allow you to use less water and energy when it comes to washing and drying your clothes. Large capacity dryers can also save you a lot of time, allowing you to spend less time washing smaller loads.

Auto-Load Sensing

Auto-load sensors on washing machines take all the guesswork out of deciding what size load your load is. You no longer how to guess if your load is small or medium sized. Instead, your washing machine measures the weight and volume of your load to determine how much water is needed to wash your clothing. This should help you reduce the amount of water that you use for washing your clothes every time you run a load.

Automatic Temperature Controls

Typically, washers are set up to just pump out cold and hot water without actually measuring the temperature of the water. The result is that what is considered hot or cold can vary a lot throughout the year as outside temperatures impact the temperature of the water in your pipes.

With automatic temperature controls, your washer measures the temperature of the water and adjusts the flow of hot or cold water so that the temperature that your clothing is washed out is consistent throughout the year. This can reduce your use of hot water when you wash clothing.

When you purchase a washer and dryer set, think about the features that will save you water, energy, and time over the life of your washer and dryer set. Contact a distributor, like SLM Corp, for more help.