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Use These 3 Simple Strategies To Prolong Your Dryer's Life

It's easy to fall into the habit of taking your clothes dryer for granted – until it breaks. When this appliance stops working, you'll find yourself either carting wet laundry to a nearby laundromat or rigging up a clothesline in your yard or home; either way, you'll find yourself appreciating the help that a functional dryer provides. The good news is that it's possible to treat your dryer in a manner that is conducive to it having a long life with no issues. Before you load it full of laundry for the next drying session, take a moment to commit these three simple strategies to memory and you'll lessen the chance of having a dryer breakdown.

Understand The Capacity

It might be tempting to occasionally load the dryer with a double load of wet clothing, but doing so can affect the lifespan of the appliance. Check your dryer's manual to determine its ideal load capacity; just because you can fill the drum to the top doesn't mean that you should. Not only will excessively large loads dry slowly because there isn't enough room for the clothing to tumble around, the heavy weight of the garments will put a strain on the drum's motor and belt. Learn the load capacity and stick to it and you'll be helping improve the dryer's longevity.

Avoid Excessive Drying Cycles

It's easy to find yourself loading the dryer with semi-wet clothes and knowing that you should retrieve them a few minutes later, only to forget. The issue with this – beyond needlessly boosting your electric bill – is that your dryer will run longer than it needs to. This means that wear-and-tear issues such as a burnt-out heating coil are more probable. Always be vigilant about checking your clothing when you believe it will be dry.

Get Your Vents Cleaned

While cleaning the dryer's filter before each use is important, it's also crucial to have a professional clean your vents on an annual basis. Over time, and especially if you use the dryer frequently, the vents will develop a buildup of lint that has escaped through your filter. This blockage will reduce the efficiency of the appliance, require it to work harder and may shorten its life. Blocked dryer vents are also a potential fire risk, so having the vents cleaned out each year is beneficial beyond extending the life of the dryer.

If you have problems, contact a dryer professional like Wiseman's Appliance.