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Moving Into Your First Off-Campus House: What You Need To Know

When you make the decision to move out of the dorms and into a rental house off-campus, you may think that you have everything figured out and under control. The freedom you anticipate without resident advisers and campus authorities monitoring your actions may overwhelm you and make you forget some important steps you will need to take to ensure that your transition from the dorms to your new off-campus house goes smoothly and successfully. Get to know a few of the things you will need to consider when making this transition and get started as soon as possible so that you can be settled into your new home before you know it.   

You May Think You Have Enough Furniture, But You Probably Don't

Many college students who move into their first off-campus home forget that they will likely need to get more furniture for their home than they previously owned. In the dorms, for example, furniture amenities like a bed, dresser, desk and chair were already provided when you arrived. Some dorm rooms even come with couches or other furniture. 

However, your new home off-campus will be completely furniture-less save what you bring with you. As such, before moving day, you should begin looking around at furniture stores, garage sales, and other shops to get the furniture you will need to make your new home livable. You will need a bed, of course, but also a dresser, dining room table and chairs, and living room seating (couch, futon, or chairs) to start with. Dressers, desks, bookcases, and entertainment stands will also need to be a consideration. 

If you can get some of the furniture from your bedroom at home for your new house, this may save you some money. However, you will inevitably find yourself in need of a trip to the furniture store when you move in. Better to take care of these needs ahead of time rather than when you are tired from moving your stuff into your new house. 

You Will Need To Get Cookware and Dishes

Again, when you are in the dorms, you do not need to do a great deal of cooking. If you had anything in your room it was likely a microwave and a few plastic plates, cups, and silverware. This will not be sufficient if you plan to put your new kitchen to use.

In order to successfully use your kitchen you will need at least one set of pots and pans, a dining set of plates, bowls, and drinking glasses or mugs, silverware, and other cooking utensils. Items that many people forget when they move into their first off-campus homes include strainers (for draining pasta water and the like), a good set of cooking knives, and cookie sheets. 

And of course, no college kitchen would be complete without a coffeemaker for all of those late night study sessions. Also, some rental houses do not come equipped with a microwave. Make sure you know whether yours does or not before move-in day. A microwave is a crutch that many college students rely on for quick heating and cooking during marathon study sessions. 

Now that you have a few ideas of what you need to consider when moving into your first off-campus house, you can get started in your packing and preparation. You will be all settled in comfortably before you know it.