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How To Use Appliances Safely

Appliances in your home make everything more convenient, but they can also be a safety risk. Since most appliances use electricity or gas, these are the basic sources of the dangers. Here are some easy tips to follow to use appliances safely.

Upgrade to New Appliances

While you don't always need the newest model of appliances, you should definitely upgrade when your current appliances start giving you frequent problems. If you have called the appliance repairman multiple times over the last few months, it is probably time to recycle your appliance and get a new one. When you start shopping around for new appliances, pay close attention to the safety rating. The safety of appliances is always improving, so you can get one that has excellent safety certification.

Perform Regular Maintenance

If you are proactive about regular maintenance and repairs, you can avoid more serious repairs later on. Maintenance should be performed on a regular basis. For appliances with air filters or fuel filters, make sure those are cleaned out regularly. For example, your window air conditioner has an air filter that can be replaced with a new one, or you can choose to clean it out if it has a replaceable air filter. Your clothes dryer has a dryer vent that should be emptied regularly. For smaller appliances, check them regularly for frayed wires and troubleshoot problems when they happen.

Unplug Appliances Not in Use

This may seem inconvenient, but it is very important. Stop keeping all your small appliances plugged in on the countertop so that you can use them faster. It only takes a moment to unplug the toaster or blender after you are done using it. Once your family gets in the habit of plugging it in only when they need to use it, it won't seem like a chore. This can reduce your fire risk in the kitchen and also helps to lower your monthly energy bill. It's a win-win for everyone.

Don't Delay Getting Repairs

When you notice one of your appliances giving you problems or operating less effectively than normal, don't wait to call a professional. Small repairs might turn into big repairs if you don't have them addressed. You might also have a short circuit or other electrical problem that could cause a power outage or fire in your home. It is important that you don't ignore the need for repairs and call someone right away to get your appliances fixed.Call a local appliance service center, like Lakewood Appliance, with any questions.

With these simple tips, you will be on your way to using appliances safely and effectively.